Valeda’s Hope Visits Washington, D.C. For The American Association For Cancer Research

First and Foremost, we are forever grateful to have received this trip tp Washington, D.C. as an all expense paid invitation. There were over 20,000 participants in this research summit. Wow!!! I learned so much and met so many great people. I was truly impressed with Joe Biden's Cancer Moonshot. His new national mission - to make a decade’s worth of advance’s in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment within 5 years. I learned that DATA is the key. We have to share data and we can’t lose it. Clinical trials is so important and I can honestly say I once didn’t believe in clinical trials. Clinical trials remind us of being used as guinea pigs, however, after having been a part of AACR, I can honestly say I am a believer. I learned that E-clinical trials are the way to go. The world has gotten lazy in ways, so if a person can do a trial via internet, from the comfort of their own home, that would be great.

I enjoyed meeting guest speaker and true colorectal survivor Stephanie Joho, 27 years young. She had been given a death sentence but with recent scientific advances in immunotherapy has survived. I also learned that we no refer to as getting blood drawn, it’s called “liquid biopsy”.

I met many amazing scientists, even one from Bellerive, Illinois, Dr. Jamie Holloway who is only thirty minutes away from where I reside. Also, being a patient advocate is so very important and that I/we must continue to win lives with Valeda’s Hope. People need you to fight for them when they can’t fight for themselves. There is a lot of strength in collaborating and advocating.

Since leaving Washington, D.C. my husband lost his youngest brother, at 46 years young. He died of a blood clot on his heart. I have also been a patient advocate for my aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy and will undergo chemotherapy this month. Hatz 4 Hearts Foundation will assist with mutual support while in chemotherapy.

Valeda’s Hope also took part in the 2017 Smart Heart: Cancer Prevention Community Education Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Washington University School of Medicine / Institute of Public Health. We were able to network, educate and provide women much needed hope and strength.

We also promoted our future events: Valeda’s Hope 6th Pink & Pearls, Oct 21, 2017; Valeda’s Hope Mobile Mammogram Day, Saturday, June 17, 2017; and Valeda’s Hope “Teen Fit Night”, Friday, June 30, 2017 at Nordstrom Stores.

Last, but not least, Thank you Dr. Anna Barker, Phd, chair, AACR Scientist>Survivor Program for all you do and Jack Whelan for fighting cancer, researching, advocating lives at the same time. Valeda’s Hope