Valeda's Hope Gives Away Our First Recliner to Cancer Survivor

Why Recliners? After having a double mastectomy and other surgeries related to the aftermath of having breast cancer twice, recliners seemed to be the MOST comfortable while trying to heal properly and sleep comfortably.

Valeda's Hope first recliner

I wanted to give recliners away as my way of giving back. Recliners are a true blessing while recovering from a double masectomy. I slept in a recliner for 2 plus years, off and on after having a total of  7 surgeries.  My recliner became my best friend. Valeda's Hope gave our first recliner to a 38 year old woman on Saturday December 28,2013. She is a single mother of two and she had a double masectomy and she has several surgeries ahead of her. In relation to breast cancer, I met Shae through Kim Selig from The Young Women's Breast Cancer Program/Washington University School of Medicine. In order to receive a recliner from Valeda's Hope you must be diagnosed with breast cancer, receiving a double masectomy. Valeda's Hope will help shape and change world by giving recliners to women facing a double masectomy after the diagnosis of breast cancer. winning & won #7